We specialize in flat top and business men’s classic cuts, as well as fun cuts such as Mohawks and skin fades. Go for that vintage look with a goatee or chin-strap, also let our experts give your beard an update with hi-lights or color designs. Enjoy our relaxing hot lather soap shave on the neck after every cut. We always use a new razor each time, which gives you that clean, crisp look.

Men’s Cut & Style 20-30 Minutes $30.00
Senior’s Cut & Style (65+) 20-30 Minutes $20.00
With each of these cuts receive a complimentary ear, eyebrow and mustache trimming, also our relaxing hot lather soap neck shave.

Boy’s Cut & Style (12-) 20-30 Minutes $25.00
Boy’s Cut & Style (12+) 20-30 Minutes $30.00
Plus style with color gel and that special treat!

Flat-Tops 20-30 Minutes $30.00
A short cut that’s done by a one setting of the clipper all over the head, leaving you feeling nice and “light-headed”.

Hot Towel Straight Razor Shave 30 Minutes $25.00
We start by applying pre-shaving oils and creams followed by a relaxing hot towel. Then we use a professional face steamer to open up clogged pores along with a rub using a traditional shaving brush and shaving cream to lift up the hair for a close shave. We finish with a cold towel to close up the pores and calm down the skin, as well as a cooling and moisturizing after shave.

Color 45 Minutes $40.00 +
Do you want to look 10 years younger, well hair color just isn’t for women it is also becoming more and more common for men to color their hair. We use only the highest quality hair color (Schwarzkopf) which matches your natural color. By using a permanent hair color, you only need to color your hair every four to six weeks.

Hi-Lights 45 Minutes $40.00 +
Give your hair volume and definition by adding different shades of hi-lights to your hair.

Shampoo 5 Minutes $ 5.00
Enjoy the deepest and most thorough clean as the barber chooses the shampoo best suited to your hair type.

Beard Trims 5 Minutes $ 15.00
We use a clipper to cut down your beard and outline it with a trimmer, adding more detail.

Threading 10-15 Minutes $ 10.00
This technique is done by using a thread to remove unwanted hair on your eyebrows, cheeks and ears. Chinstraps, beard designs and hair tattoo prices are based on how much work needs to be done.

* All Prices Include GST